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2103, 2018

The International Decentralized Association for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) poised to enter the World Blockchain Summit with zeal.

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The IDACB is setting up provisions to regulate laws and initiatives on cyrptocurrency and blockchain technology through the World Blockchain Summit in Moscow. Bangalore, 6 March 2018: Russia is moving towards complete and total financial [...]

3112, 2017

Kenyans too have gone a bit blockchain bonkers

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Taxiing with twende  The Twende app aims to coordinate the vast network of drivers to deliver a revamped service to citizens that is easy to pay. What sets it apart from the rest of its competition? Twende plans to achieve [...]

3012, 2017

Blockchain kills several birds with a single shot in Kenya

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With high literacy, well-developed infrastructure and connectivity, Kenya is a natural choice for those who are just beginning to venture into the world of blockchain.   The road to progress  With M-PESA as a backdrop, the demand for technology solutions like [...]