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The much-awaited World AI Show and World Blockchain Summit organised by the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, the Republic of Mauritius in coordination with the Mauritian Economic Development Board and Trescon, was officially inaugurated at the InterContinental Resort, Balaclava Fort, Mauritius on the 28 November 2018, with a special address delivered by Mauritius’ Prime [...]

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Kenyans too have gone a bit blockchain bonkers

Taxiing with twende  The Twende app aims to coordinate the vast network of drivers to deliver a revamped service to citizens that is easy to pay. What sets it apart from the rest of its competition? Twende plans to achieve its goal with the help of blockchain.  The brainchild of Dutch software developer Pietre Buikema, the Twende app basically brings elements of  Uber to [...]

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Blockchain kills several birds with a single shot in Kenya

With high literacy, well-developed infrastructure and connectivity, Kenya is a natural choice for those who are just beginning to venture into the world of blockchain.   The road to progress  With M-PESA as a backdrop, the demand for technology solutions like blockchain has soared. Not just financial deals, but the technology has even revolutionized sectors like security, transport, health, insurance and motor vehicle in Kenya. [...]

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An interview with Dr. Sourav Sen Gupta,Visiting Lecturer R C Bose Centre for Cryptology and Security, Indian Statistical Institute

Dr. Sourav Sen Gupta is a researcher, positioned precariously at the confluence of Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering, and an ardent student of art and science of Cryptology and Information Security. As such he is well-versed regarding the disruptive nature of emerging technologies like blockchain. In an exclusive interview by Fintech Valley Vizag, he [...]

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An exclusive scoop with Larry Bates, Chief Security Officer, Bitland Global

Larry Bates is the CSO of Bitland Global has always been at the forefront of technology and social progress. Mass adoption of new technology is not mere child's play, but he has always strived to be an innovator that not only creates and designs new technology but also be a pioneer who helps to [...]

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How secure is blockchain-based technology

It is never prudent to underestimate the ability of a hacker. One hacker or a small group of hackers can shut down an entire system, lure the unwary into cyber traps, steal millions worth in data and even topple down governments by leaking classified information online. Blockchains alternative approach to storing and sharing information provides [...]

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