Frederik Gregaard

Chief Executive Officer,

Cardano foundation


Faryar Shirzad

Chief Policy Officer,




Founder and CEO,

Celsius Network


Furqan Rassul


Elite Partner Investment LLC


Founder and CEO of SingularityNET, a blockchain-based AI marketplace. He is also the chief scientist of robotics firm Hanson Robotics, chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and vice chairman of the futurist nonprofit Humanity.




Hong Kong

Hubertus Thonhauser

Partner- Ghaf Capital,

Chairman of the Tezos Foundation


Marwan, a Crypto Pioneer is also the CEO of Foresee Payment Services LLC which is the UAE’s first crypto commodity payment processing company. In February 2018, Marwan founded the region's first crypto over the counter crypto trading desk with the establishment of his company OTC Supply DMCC.



Dubai Blockchain Center


Austin Alexander


Kraken Digital Asset Exchange


With over 12 years of experience in entrepreneurship, Sumit worked with many high-tech companies and established a track record of helping organisations to expand faster.

Sumit Ghosh

CEO & Co-Founder,

Chingari App

Noor Sweid

Founder and General Partner,

Global Ventures


Valerie Hawley

General Partner,

True Global Ventures


Christian has over 20 years’ experience working across emerging markets. Beginning in commodity trading and later in the capital markets he has built and led multiple businesses that rolled out new technologies in trading, transaction settlement and telecommunications.

Christian Kranicke

Founding Partner,


Geneva, Switzerland

Ralf Glabischnig is an Austrian entrepreneur and investor. As a serial entrepreneur is he actively building a worldwide Blockchain ecosystem with a focus on Switzerland

Ralf Glabischnig

Founder Crypto Oasis,


Zurich, Switzerland

Marcel Harmann

Co-Founder and CEO,

DeFi Suisse AG & THOR Wallet DEX

Zurich, Switzerland

Gustavo is Swiss, trained Engineer, MBA, MSc. Over 30 year’s senior Banking/Finance management experience at Chairman, Board of Directors, and CEO level.

Gustavo A. Montero


GAM Advisory Group of Companies - FZE


With over 30 years of ICT experience, Jorge architects practical & business focused solutions using new-age technologies. He is professional advisor in several innovative startups using disruptive technologies with focus on generating business value and enabling sustainability.


Co-Founder & Executive Director,



Matthias Mende




Aly Madhavji

Managing Partner,

Blockchain Founders Fund

Tobias is an accomplished and experienced professional with over 20 years’ experience in financial markets and trading. His financial markets experience spans asset classes including; Equities, Metals, Energy and FX, dealing with all categories of market participants including Banks, Hedge Funds, Trading Houses, Producers, Hedgers and Arbitragers.

Toby Young

Chief Investment Officer,

NeoFlow Asset Management

With a background of 6+ years as a software engineer, Constantin also embarked on the serial entrepreneurship journey in 2018. As the co-founder and project coordinator of SeedOn, Constantin has put all his effort, passion, and dreams into building software solutions.

Constantin-Claudiu Minea

Co-Founder & CEO,



Marloes Pomp

DAO and Metaverse Advisor,

Dutch Blockchain Coalition


Dawid Smyk used to work for IT companies like IBM and Microsoft in Europe. His main fields of expertise and interests are mathematics, physics, IT, astronomy, economy, modern technologies, professional investments in various assets: stocks, bonds, REITs, ETFs, ETNs, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Dawid Smyk

CTO/COO of LUNI Project,

LUNI | Built on Terra


Anna Agu


Lex Law Office


James is an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the digital assets space who founded DFG in 2015, where he oversees over $1 billion assets under management. He contributes substantially to the ecosystem through capital allocation, donations and actively supporting the Parachain Auctions.

James Wo

Co-Founder, Chairman & CIO,

Digital Finance Group

With a particular focus on blockchain investments and over 30 years of experience across the banking and financial sector, Seier Christensen is a global pioneer in FX and derivatives trading.

Lars Seier Christensen



Zurich, Switzerland

Co Founder and CEO Mattias is an experienced Chief Executive Officer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of unique management, business development and marketing experience from telecom and gaming to music and media. Industries that have all been through radical transformations into digital.

Mattias Tengblad



More than 12 years of leadership and hands-on experience with a dedicated focus on the commercial banking and fintech sectors Tatiana’s strong business acumen and proven track record in advising on and executing M&A transactions are key to accelerating Nexo’s market outreach and increased capacity to grow.

Tatiana Metodieva

CFA - Head of Corporate Finance and Investments,


Antoni served as a Member of Bulgaria’s Parliament between 2014 and 2017, advocating for progressive legislation to implement blockchain solutions for e-government services, most notably e-voting and storage of databases in a distributed ledger.

Antoni Trenchev

Co-Founder and Managing Partner,


Alex comes with 20+ years of experience in IT business development. The serial entrepreneur has a Ph.D. in economic cybernetics.

Alex Borutskiy


iMe Lab


Founder & CEO of Instaraise, Focused on Building DeFi in Tezos Economy. Researcher and Strategic BUILDer in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Dibyo Majumder

CEO & Co-Founder,



Alexia Hefti


Abed Group


Jens Podewski is a German serial entrepreneur, long-serving executive, and a specialist in the international credit card market and other payment methods. He is leading FinXP, a fast-growing paytech serving niche industries experiencing discrimination from traditional financial institutions.

Jens Podewski

Co-Founder & CEO,



Experienced with an insightful understanding of innovation, Sheraz Ahmed has advised hundreds of startups on the implementation of modern practices to further their business objectives. As the Managing Partner of STORM Partners, an all-in-one solution provider, and as the Co-Executive Director of the Crypto Valley Association, he drives growth, collaboration, and integrity across the global blockchain ecosystem!

Sheraz Ahmed

Co-Executive Director | Head of Business Development,

Crypto Valley Association


Strong financial background with 15+ years of financial planning, in crypto since 2013. CFO of Responsible for the company's financial operation.

Alex Falko

Co-Founder and CFO,

Dimitrios is responsible for formulating and driving the Group’s global strategy with particular emphasis on institutional client business, licensing footprint, and regulatory engagement as well as geographical expansion.

Dimitrios Kavvathas

Chief Strategy Officer,

Amber Group

Marwan Haddad


Katana Inu


Hamza Shamsi


Businessman Blockchain Enthusiast


Chris Pace has a cybersecurity career spanning more than 15 years, today he works to advocate for exciting emerging technologies that make our digital world safer for all.

Chris Pace

VP Product Marketing,



Mr. Guarda is regularly featured as “top 1, 5, 10, 20 most influential global personalities by and many others' in technology, blockchain, fintech, AI, smart cities, and social media lists

Dinis Guarda


Ztudium Limited


Pablo is a blockchain, Ethereum, digital assets, and NFTs expert, having issued more than 10M NFTs over the last 3 years. He is currently helping large-scale organizations and start-ups to step into the NFTs world.

Pablo Valles

Venture and Strategy Architect,


Ola Doudin has an engineering background and has worked in tech consulting in a Big4 firm in London and engineering research prior to her move back to the region where she got involved in tech entrepreneurship and later started BitOasis in 2015.

Ola Doudin

Co-Founder & CEO,


Igneus is a relentless advocate for transformative innovation and a staunch supporter for progressive regulation on the emerging digital asset class, helping to shed light on Bybit’s pursuit of bringing quality products and a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment to retail and professional clients around the globe.

Igneus Terrenus

Head of Communications,


Pavel Aramyan

Product Manager,


With more than 10 years of experience with marketing and 5 years of experience managing digital communications for one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world led him to explore different paths and ideas about how we relate with the digital changes and how we can seize the opportunities brought by the blockchain technology.

Abdullah Ghandour

Founder and CEO,


With MA in cognitive sciences, and corporate experience of quantitative market research, she builds data-driven business models for environmental and community-oriented blockchain projects. Co-founded S21 blockchain community in South East Asia which funds seminars for educational purposes with the industry leaders.

Melisa Kurtcan

Business Development Representative of LUNI Project,

LUNI | Built on Terra


Vladimir Protasevich

CEO & Founder,


Mark Lamb discovered bitcoin in 2012 and quickly became one of the largest crypto OTC market makers, before realizing the need for an exchange and creating Coinfloor, the first UK bitcoin exchange.

Mark Lamb




Joen is passionate for the blockchain industry, she entered the industry from research on mining, joined The Joint Data as CMO. She is not only a consultant of Lbank exchange, but also an investor and advisor of some NFT, Metaverse projects.

Jo-En Chang

Chief Marketing Officer,

The Joint Data and Cloud Service Group Co.

Rupertus held various MD and C-Level positions in the classical finance world, and worked in Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Frankfurt.

Rupertus Rothenhaeuser

Chief Commercial Officer,


Co-Founder and CTO at Instaraise & Unibase. Have 6+ years of Research-oriented technical experience. Aditya is known for his quality leadership. Aditya is an advisor and investor in early-stage startups.

Aditya Gautam

Chief Technical officer,

Instaraise | Angel Investor

Having 7 years of experience in making traditional games and over 2 years of experience in building P2E games and crypto projects over various blockchains, Ahsan is now working on the next-gen metaverse called 'The Cloud City Metaverse', a vision that he has always had and feels proud to finally be working towards making it a reality.

Ahsan Imtiaz


The Cloud City Metaverse

Sajeev Nair is an internationally renowned leader in diverse walks of life. He dons several hats with elan - serial entrepreneur, inventor, author, corporate consultant, biohacker, wellness evangelist, motivational speaker, self-help guru as well as a mentor & transformational life coach to tens of thousands of aspiring professionals in diverse fields.

Sajeev Nair



Samir leads engagement with policy-makers and strategic partners across MENATP on creating enabling and long-term frameworks for the crypto eco-system.

Samir Satchu

Senior VP – Public Policy & Expansion,


Experienced entrepreneur and leader in payment industries. Successful business developer and investor. Significant expertise in e-commerce and IT technology-based businesses, online payment and banking software and technologies, payment cards and alternative payment instruments. Results-oriented and decisive manager, excel in dynamic, demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.

Pavel Maksimov



Startup movement enthusiast, digital studio founder and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in IT, web development and digital marketing. A believer in the decentralized technology as a way to change society for the better.

Stanislav Novikov



Nik Kalyani is the founder and CEO of Decentology, the company behind Hyperverse, the open, decentralized platform that makes it easy for web developers to build blockchain applications. He has been recognized with Microsoft’s “Most Valuable Professional” award for 11 years for his community contributions.

Nik Kalyani



James Park has been an avid cryptocurrency investor since 2018 looking mainly at young and promising projects at an Angel/Seed/Venture Stage. He has previously worked in venture capital and private equity investing looking at the technology, healthcare, and consumer verticals at a single-family office based out of Hong Kong.

James Park


Revolve Games

Steven Ward has worked in Markets for 7 years. Moving into brokerage and analytics after a few years on the trading floor, Steven has worked in all aspects of trading, from market operations, client management, analytics, through to back-end process management within the Australian regulatory framework.

Steven Ward




Prior to moving into crypto full time Kaylee was at Merrill Lynch on the asset management side. She is also involved in the venture side of crypto, mostly focusing on the DeFi space.

Kaylee Bushell

Chief of Staff,


Christian is the CTO of Finvault, a soon to launch Web3 banking platform which enables users to manage both their traditional fiat and non-traditional crypto investments all under one platform. Prior to Finvault, Christian held Cybersecurity leadership roles with Careem (Uber Middle East), Darkmatter and Citi Global Markets.


CTO and Co-Founder,


Jeremy is the Blockchain visionary who conceptualised the company’s mission and is spearheading development of its product portfolio. Jeremy’s Crypto-evangelism fuels his obsession to assemble and lead a world-class team in crafting new technology that is propelling the Blockchain sector into the mainstream for the benefit of all humankind.



NFT Group LTD TA Funganomics

A serial entrepreneur, startup junkie and committed investor, Lithuanian-born Pikelis has a strong background in both law and marketing, but chose to delve deeper in business and entrepreneurship, receiving mentorship in management and economics from leaders in the field throughout his education.

Justin Pikelis

General Partner/Global Ambassador,


Larry Pang deals with all the projects that want to build on IoTeX, including a significant number of metaverse-centric ones, he has an in-depth understanding of what it is and where it is headed. He has an in-depth understanding of all things crypto and a very strong technical background.

Larry Pang

IoTeX head of Business Development and Ecosystem,


Dr. Raullen Chai is an expert cryptographer, privacy and data security expert who before co-founding IoTeX worked at Google, Uber and Oracle. At Google, he led many important security initiatives for its technical infrastructure, including mitigation of SSL attacks, privacy-preserving SSL offloading, enabling Certificate Transparency for all Google services.

Dr Raullen Chai

Head of Strategy, Co-Founder,


Toufi Saliba


Toda Network


Saif Al Naji is an award-winning entrepreneur, co-founder of EcoX Dubai and one of the most reputed media personalities in the Middle East.


Saif Al Naji