Living the Amsterdam Dream

Planning on what to do with your time after our AI event is over? Don’t worry. With a high beaming nightlife and an equally mesmerising picturesque daylight view, the ‘City of Canals’ has much to offer for everyone at all times of the day, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations. We have compiled here a list of activities for you to do in Amsterdam which will surely let you soak in the surreal charm and history of this place.

1. Rent a bike and discover the cobbled lanes

The best way to get around in Amsterdam is through a bike. With special pink paths created on the roads just for the cyclists, you are sure to enjoy the scenic beauty of the city while you cycle along the canals in the city. If you are looking to enjoy the famous Tulip fields of Holland, make sure to catch a train to Harlem (yes you can carry your cycle with you inside the train) and bike your way through the appealing Tulips.

2. Feel the adrenaline rush on this swing

The A’DAM Lookout- 360° is Europe’s largest swing overlooking the Amsterdam skyline. Situated on the 22nd floor of the A’DAM Tower, this Skydeck offers its visitors a chance to witness the panoramic view of the city. The swing is not for the faint-hearted since attached just by a harness, it swings back and forth at a scary height of 100 meters above the ground, overlooking a water body.

3.  Feel the taste of history through these museums

Be it the famous Van Gogh museum or the Rijksmuseum, there is something for every history lover at Amsterdam. One of the must visit places for every art fanatic has to be the Van Gogh museum where the famed artist’s paintings are on display, making it the second most visited museum in Amsterdam after the Rijksmuseum. The latter museum also houses exquisite painting and antiques from celebrated artists through time.

4. Night Museum Party

This is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. For all the night fiends, the Museum N8 offers its visitors a chance to participate in artistic activities of the museum and then dance away till dawn. This is your chance to dress up in elaborate cocktail dresses and have a feel of living in the medieval times.

5. Living the Fluorescent Dream

Adding to Amsterdam’s quirky museum lists, this museum is based on fluorescent geology where everything on display glows in the dark. Called the Electric Ladyland museum Tweede Leliedwarsstraat, this place is sure to put you in awe of the wonders of nature.

6.  For the foodies

Dutch cuisine without a doubt has a unique flavour to itself. When in Amsterdam, do not forget to check out the wide array of cheese that this place has to offer. From pesto to beer flavoured cheese, you are sure to tingle your taste buds with the huge variety of cheese options available here at every nook and corner. Also make sure to catch the street carts selling frites or fries, topped with every imaginable topping and Herring, a small fish which is the signature dish of the Netherlands.

7.  Anne Frank House

Another treat for the history lovers, you can catch a glimpse of the infamous Anne Frank House where the Jewish wartime story of Anne Frank was penned down by the writer herself. The front part of the house has been turned into a museum with artifacts from that time. The rear end of the house has, however, been left as it is to let the visitors get a feel of the place where Anne Frank resided for two years in hiding.

8. Venture into the canals

Also called the ‘Venice of the North’ because of the numerous canals running through the city, one of the best ways to discover Amsterdam has to be through its waterways. You can take a guided tour of the canals or if you are a boating fanatic, you can also rent your own boat. Options for water sports like kayaking and rowing are also available in plenty.

9. For the fashionistas

Ever wondered the fashion trends of the times gone by? Then this is just the place for you. The Tassen Museum of Bags and Purses houses more than 5,000 artifacts that comprise solely of purses and bags collected through ages.

10. Play on a giant chess board

The Dutch are known to be great patrons of chess. Their enthusiasm for the game is thus, seen in the large chess board that resides in the lively Leidseplein square. Named after the country’s most successful chess player, the Leidseplein is almost always crowded by chess enthusiasts eagerly waiting for their turns.

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