Should You Attend A Virtual Conference During COVID-19?

As the blockchain and crypto community moves online, it’s important that we learn to love virtual conferences and make the most of them.

I must admit, there is something special about a live conference. Some of the best proposals and projects that we’ve encountered have probably come from random interactions with people at conferences.

The buzz of a venue teeming with delegates eager to network, exclusive luncheons & after-parties, the silent appreciation that follows an inspirational keynote and tons of user-generated content as attendees snap pictures and share them on social media.

Conferences have proven invaluable to ICO’s/ IEO’s & STO’s worldwide. No matter what your business objective, conferences have had it covered. As the crypto world prepared for a promising 2020, something unprecedented happened – COVID-19. It crumpled the fabric of financial normalcy and it looks like the things aren’t going to change anytime soon.

But does it mean letting go of all the benefits of a physical conference?

I don’t think so.

Virtual events are an excellent opportunity for everyone in the industry to come together during these difficult times. Affordable and virtually accessible events are the need of the hour.

Let’s look at some virtual events that have proven very beneficial for the crypto community in 2020.

Blockdown 2020: a revolutionary virtual event that incorporated 3D & VR technology to mimic the feel of a real conference! It also featured some of the biggest names in the blockchain space, including the likes of Akon (AKOIN) Roger Ver, Changpeng Zhao, Alex Machinsky and many more industry heavyweights that need no introduction.

Another virtual event that raised the bar was Consensus Distributed. It featured over 300 speakers and over 5 days of content – all streamed live & free for a massive global audience. Again the benefits far outweighed the drawbacks, with a stellar line-up of experts including Vitalik Buterin, Adam Back, Joseph Lubin, Antony Lewis and more…

Virtual Blockchain Conference 2020 had a great message of advancing blockchain adoption and education globally by streaming live blockchain implementations in supply chain, banking and finance, government & healthcare industries.

So why should you attend a virtual conference? These are unprecedented times after all…

Because all the heavy lifting is already done for you.

A global audience, face to face networking sessions, secure & private meetings, investor connects & private get-togethers designed specifically to help you interact meaningfully with the crypto ecosystem. You just need to login and turn up from whichever part of the world you are in right now.

It’s a win-win for everybody – hours of high-quality sessions, zero travel costs & travel restrictions, an unparalleled line up of speakers that would have not been possible to gather at a physical conference & the opportunity to network with a global audience.

Think about it. You’ll be spending less than your monthly CRM budget and lead generation costs and be exposed to an ocean of networking possibilities. It’s all the benefits of a real conference and then some more.

If you’ve missed the above events you should definitely consider the following*

World Blockchain Summit is a well-known name in the blockchain & crypto world. Having hosted multiple conferences across the world, it has proven itself as the quintessential blockchain event. It’s consistent lineup of industry experts & well thought of agenda has had attendees coming back year after year.

WBS Asia – 2020 is no different. It features one of the best speaker lineups seen thus far in 2020. Changpeng Zhao, Tim Draper, Don Tapscott, Dr Ben Goertzel and Charlie Shrem are scheduled to be joined by over 30 industry veterans.


The online event will also feature live keynote speeches, fireside chats, panel discussions in addition to tier-one media publications, crypto investors, ICO’s, STO’s & tech journos.

World Blockchain Summit – Asia will feature hours of high-quality content, live Q & A, interactive polls and more.

To get involved, head to or join the exclusive telegram community to know more.

Blockchain Summit London is another great event focused on blockchain for business. The summit boasts of 200+ speakers & 1000+ professionals coming together to discuss the impact and opportunities of blockchain and distributed ledger technology on business.

Paris Blockchain Summit – 2020 is a great event if you are looking at blockchain in Paris & Europe as a market. PBS 2019 had a stupendous lineup of speakers and supporting partners and their upcoming 2020 edition is looking to exceed expectations. Bruno Le Maire, Changpeng Zhao, Dr Jutta Steiner, Meltem Demirors and more will be joined by over 130 speakers and experts.

Well, that’s about it for now!

What’s your take virtual events? Have you recently attended an event that changed your perspective?

Help the community. Let us know in the comments 🙂


*Disclaimer: Trescon is not responsible for the views, suggestions and opinions expressed here, ensure due diligence before participating in virtual events.

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