Travel To The Hottest Crypto Event Destinations with The World Blockchain Summit

From a buzzword to reality to now the foundation of the next tech revolution, blockchain technology is playing a pivotal role in the global digital transformation journey. Today, blockchain is driving a new era of innovation in key sectors like healthcare, banking, cryptocurrency, gaming and more.

The growth of the global blockchain market is expected to grow from US$ 10.13 billion in 2022 to US$ 17.21 billion in 2023. The rise of the industry can be attributed to the rapid adoption of blockchain-based solutions by businesses to optimise their services and gain a competitive edge.  

To help accelerate the adoption of blockchain solutions, the World Blockchain Summit brings some of the top blockchain leaders, innovators and titans under one roof to share their insights about the latest trends and technologies dominating the market.

As we countdown to the latest edition of the World Blockchain Summit, join us as we take a trip to some of the hottest crypto event destinations.

Dubai: Home to a futuristic society, the UAE has become a major player in the emerging tech space. Dubai’s pioneering infrastructure and unique geopolitical location continues to attract global blockchain players to the country. The World Blockchain Summit in Dubai will help open the doors for innovators to forge strategic partnerships while listening to actionable insights by top industry leaders.

Delhi: India has been emerging as a major player in the blockchain and crypto market. With the highest crypto adoption rate, Delhi is set to forge its own path to become a blockchain innovation hotbed. At the World Blockchain Summit in Delhi is set host engaging discussions and forge meaningful connections with leading tech titans who are transforming India’s blockchain journey.

Bangkok: A melting pot of tradition and modernity, Bangkok is becoming a key hub for emerging technologies. Building on its forward-thinking tech-savvy community, Bangkok is becoming ASEAN’s next big crypto hotspot. At the World Blockchain Summit, witness transformative technologies and listen to key actionable insights that are driving blockchain adoption in the region

Eager to travel to these crypto hotspots? Register today for the World Blockchain Summit and stay abreast of the latest trends and blockchain solutions dominating the space.

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